This conference brings together a broad community of senior and junior scientists to address the most recent developments in the emerging cross-disciplinary research field involing ultracold atoms, quantum many-body physics, quantum simulation and quantum information.  

The main themes of this edition will be

- Non-equilibrium physics and dynamics

- Artificial gauge fields

- Topological phases

- Strongly correlated systems

- Ultracold atoms and quantum technologies

- From few to many-body physics 

The conference will take place at the Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef (Germany) and is funded by the WE Heraeus Foundation.
The scientific program will start at 14:30 on Sunday, April 15th and end at 13:10 on Wednesday, April 18th.

The number of participants to this conference is limited to 80 participants.
The application deadline is now passed. You can still register here, but post-deadline applications will be automatically put in a waiting list.
Should there be any cancellation on the side of the already registered participants, we will inform promptly the applicants in the waiting list.

Successful applicants will be informed by the WE Heraeus-Foundation after the application deadline.
For accepted participants free board and lodging is supplied by the WE Heraeus-Foundation.


The final program can be found here


Corinna Kollath (Uni Bonn)

Roberta Citro (Università di Salerno)

Tommaso Roscilde (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)

Anna Minguzzi (CNRS Grenoble)

Giacomo Lamporesi (INO-CNR, BEC Center Trento)

Alessio Recati (INO-CNR, BEC Center Trento)


Confirmed invited lecturers

Christian Gross (Germany)

Giovanna Morigi (Germany)

Cristiane Morais-Smith (the Netherlands)

Frank Pollmann (Germany)

Klaus Sengstock (Germany)

Leticia Tarruell (Spain)


Confirmed invited speakers

Daniel Barredo (France)

Andrea Bergschneider (Germany)

Jean-Sébastien Bernier (Germany)

Russell Bisset (Italy)

Giacomo Cappellini (Italy)

Tommaso Comparin (Italy)

Alexandre Dauphin (Spain)

Jean Decamp (France)

Irénée Frérot (Spain)

Philipp Hauke (Germany)

Markus Heyl (Germany)

Samuel Lellouch (France)

Zala Lenarcic (Germany)

Leonardo Mazza (France)

Cécile Repellin (US)

Guillaume Salomon (Germany)

Francesco Scazza (Italy)

Benoit Vermersch (Austria)

Jean-Loup Ville (France)

Nicola Wurz (Germany)

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